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Intended as a commercial gag for a new computer game called Star Trek Infinite Space, the youtube lessons of the Klingon teacher have become famous all over the web, and continued even after the shutdown of the game. Meanwhile, the "Klingon Teacher from Germany" is teaching Klingon on several platforms and has worked on many projects. His videos have become so widely spread that YouTube's automatically generated channel for "Klingon language" uses the Klingon Teacher's photo (see this link).

To see all videos, visit the Klingon teacher's Youtube channel.

List of all videos

lesson 0101 nuqneH & Qapla'
How to say "Hello" in Klingon.
lesson 0202 I want it
I want a beer, I want blood wine. What do you want?
lesson 0303 Battle Commands
What to say on the bridge while fighting
lesson 0404 Toasts
Useful at the Klingon bar
lesson 0505 Where is the bathroom?
Very important to know
lesson 0606 Flirting
Be prepared to meet a klingon girl
lesson 0707 Curses & Insults
Considered a fine art among Klingons
lesson 0808 Introduce yourself
Hi, my name is...
lesson 0909 Animals
Tribbles and others
lesson 1010 Jokes
Interesting, and hard to understand.
lesson 1111 Weapons
How to correctly call a bat'leth
lesson 1212 Restaurant
Table manners... really?
lesson 1313 Geography
North, east, west, - but no south.
lesson 1414 Food
The most important food to know
lesson 1515 Shopping
Buy or die!
lesson 1616 Qetlop
An example of Klingon language use
lesson 1717 Family Matters
Father, mother, wife etc.
lesson 1818 Conventions
Useful phrases for conventions
lesson 1919 Sheldon's quote
A scene from
The Big Bang Theory
lesson 2020 numbers
counting from one to ten
lesson 2121 in action
Klingon students
lesson 2222 Hamlet
a famous quote
lesson 2323 ranks and titles
addressing your
lesson 2424 pronouns
I, you, he, she
and others
lesson 2525 Books
you need to have
lesson 2626 Bridge
Where's the captain's chair?
lesson 2527 Schiffe
Bird of Prey usw.
lesson 2628 batlhHa'
A difficult phrase
lesson 2529 Stress and intonation
Speak forcefully!
lesson 2626 SOON
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