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Who is the Klingon teacher?

Lieven L. Litaer was born in Belgium, but grew up in Germany. As a teen he already spoke four languages fluently and has learned many more after that. It was his interest in languages and his love for Star Trek which led him to the Klingon language in the year 1995. Briefly later, he joined the Klingon Language Institute located in the USA. At the KLI, he assigned duty of the Beginners' Grammarian, teaching Klingon to the beginners for over 18 months, giving them the opportunity to learn Klingon in an easy way.

He became famous on the web through his YouTube channel. He has also held many talks about Klingon on events and conventions in Germany and neighboring countries. Apart from that, he is the organizer of the world's largest Klingon language conference called qepHom. He is involved in multiple translation projects, including Foswiki software, Facebook, Klingon opera, rock music, commercials, web pages and many more.

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In his main life, Lieven L. Litaer is an architect;
See more about that on his website LITAERchitektur.

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