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ta'puq mach – The little Prince in Klingon

Textbook: "Klingon for Beginners"

Right on time for the new TV series Star Trek Discovery, I am proud to finally present the first Klingon textbook ever, entitled "Klingon or Beginners", which is intended as a supplement to The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand. It offers additional exercises and lots of interesting background information.

This Klingon textbook is set up like any exercise book you may know from school or language class: There is a story spread over ten lessons. Each lesson starts with a chapter of the story, then you can see a dialogue to it. The lesson ends with some exercises based on the grammar introduced in the lesson.

With this book you may not learn Klingon completely, but it's certainly the best introduction one can get. At the end of the course, the reader is able to construct basic sentences for daily use. It is fun and easy to read and may encourage those people to learn Klingon, who may have had difficulties using only the Klingon Dictionary.

The book is available first in German since August 2017, the English edition is planned to be published in 2018.

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