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A lecture about the klingon language can be very educative, but also surprisingly entertaining. Are you interested in an exciting talk for your event, maybe for your company or are your planning a special event? Do you want your emplyees to open their mind for something unusal in a workshop?

There are many things to tell about the klingon language, and you can connect it to any topic you like. That's why any talk will be adapted to your needs. The Klingon Teacher offers workshops and lectures in any length you wish, from a two-day crash course up to a klingon wedding anything is possible – even in Klingon, if you wish. Anything is possible.

Additional service

Lieven L. Litaer can also assist you for translation projects of any kind. Maybe you would like to have a company sign in klingon, or need advice for a translation project. The Klingon teacher also has experience with speaking Klingon phrases, for instance for commercials, software, podcasts, geocoaching hints and so on.

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